Registration in the Register of Public Sector Partners (RPVS)

The entry of the ultimate beneficial owner in the Commercial Register does not replace the obligation to enter the end-user of benefits in the Register of Public Sector Partners (RPVS). Thus, if an entrepreneur has registered his UBO in the Commercial Register and this entrepreneur is a public sector partner under the RPVS Act (e.g. receiving public funds) he must also have his UBO entered in the RPVS.

Only an authorized person (e.g. an attorney) can identify the end user of the benefits and make an initial registration in RPVS. Also in the case of the so-called verification events, only the authorized person can verify the identification of the end user of the benefits (e.g. as of 31 December of the calendar year). This means that, unlike registration in the Commercial Register, when entering in the Register of Public Sector Partners, the entrepreneur must be represented by an authorized person.

As part of our services, we will identify the end user benefits for you, prepare a verification document and a proposal for registration in RPVS. As an authorized person, we will represent you in the process of registering a partner with RPVS. Subsequently, for each verification event, we will repeat this process so that your data in RPVS is always up-to-date and in accordance with the law.

You can find more information on this issue in a separate section dedicated to the RPVS.

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