Entry of the Beneficial Owner in the Commercial Register

The mandatory entry of the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) in the Commercial Register became effective on November 1, 2018, and applies to almost all legal entities. This obligation is distinct from the requirement for entry in the Register of Public Sector Partners (RPVS). The obligation to register a UBO in the commercial register is applicable to all legal persons, regardless of whether they engage in trade with the state. The only exemptions are for legal entities classified as public administration entities, issuers of securities admitted to trading on a regulated market, or entities registered in the Register of Public Sector Partners.

Our services in this regard include:

  1. Expert Advice:
    • Providing expert advice on the correct identification of the ultimate beneficial owner.
  2. Document Preparation:
    • Preparing the necessary documents, including a proposal for the registration of the UBO in the Commercial Register.
  3. Representation in Proceedings:
    • Representing you in the business register proceedings throughout the UBO registration process.

Our aim is to guide you through the UBO registration process, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and representing your interests effectively. If you have specific inquiries or require assistance in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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