Civil Law

We offer comprehensive services related to civil contracts, including drafting, commenting on, and representing clients in various types of contracts such as purchase agreements, gift agreements, contracts for work, loan agreements, lease agreements, and future contract agreements. Our expertise extends to providing representation, accompaniment, and assistance in negotiating the conclusion of contracts.

In addition to drafting and commenting on contracts, we address a variety of issues for our clients, including:

  1. Protection of Personality and Honor:
    • Safeguarding the personality and honor of natural persons, and protecting the name and reputation of legal persons.
  2. Co-ownership and Its Settlement:
    • Addressing issues related to joint co-ownership, non-share co-ownership of spouses, and facilitating their settlement.
  3. Lien, Encumbrance, and Pledge:
    • Providing guidance on matters related to lien, encumbrance, and pledge.
  4. Liability for Damages and Compensation:
    • Advising on liability for damages and seeking compensation, addressing unjust enrichment and its release.
  5. Liability for Defects:
    • Handling matters related to liability for defects in various contexts.
  6. Assignment of Claim, Assumption of Debt, Accession to Obligation:
    • Facilitating processes such as the assignment of claims, assumption of debt, and accession to obligations.
  7. Securing Liabilities:
    • Advising on and implementing measures to secure liabilities, including contractual penalties, guarantees, liens, and debt recognition.
  8. Offsetting Liabilities and Settlement Agreements:
    • Addressing the offsetting of liabilities and facilitating settlement agreements.

These services, among many others, are designed to meet the diverse legal needs of our clients in the realm of civil contracts and related matters.

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