We offer comprehensive services to guide you through the trademark registration process, tailoring our assistance to your specific needs:

  1. Trademark Type and Jurisdiction Advice:
    • Advising on the type of trademark to register (word, logo, combined, etc.) and the appropriate jurisdiction (national, EU, international).
  2. Goods and Services Classification:
    • Assisting in choosing the relevant classes of goods and services for trademark protection.
  3. Trademark Search:
    • Conducting a search for registered trademarks to identify potential similarities or identical marks before preparing and submitting your application.
  4. Trademark Application Preparation and Submission:
    • Preparing a comprehensive trademark application and submitting it to the relevant trademark office.
  5. Representation in Registration Proceedings:
    • Representing you in trademark registration proceedings before the competent authority.
  6. Legal Advice for Competition Objections:
    • Providing legal advice and preparing necessary documentation in the event of competition objections during registration proceedings.
  7. Opposition Proceedings:
    • Preparing and filing oppositions to trademark applications if competitors attempt to use a mark similar to yours, and representing you in these proceedings.
  8. Revocation or Invalidity Proceedings:
    • Preparing motions for revocation or invalidity of trademarks if others use a designation or a registered trademark similar to yours, and representing you in these proceedings.
  9. Trademark Rights Infringement Claims:
    • Assisting with claims to legal protection in the event of trademark rights infringement, prohibiting such infringements, and seeking the removal of consequences resulting from the interference.
  10. Compensation for Damages:
    • Enforcing the right to compensation for damages, including lost profits, resulting from trademark infringement.
  11. Non-Pecuniary Damage Claims:
    • Representing you in exercising your right to adequate compensation for non-pecuniary damage, including monetary compensation.
  12. Representation in Intellectual Property Rights Disputes:
    • Providing legal representation in intellectual property rights disputes, ensuring compliance with the legal obligation to be represented by a lawyer in such cases.

Additionally, our services include:

  • Trademark Renewal:
    • Ensuring the timely renewal of trademark registrations.
  • Transfer or Assignment of Rights:
    • Registering the transfer or assignment of rights from the trademark application to another applicant or the transfer or assignment of the trademark to another owner.
  • License Agreement Entry:
    • Facilitating the entry of license agreements or termination in the trademark register.
  • Goods or Services List Narrowing:
    • Assisting in the entry of modifications, such as narrowing the list of goods or services, amendment to the license agreement, or other modifications in the trademark.
  • Lien Entry or Deletion:
    • Managing the entry of liens in the register or their deletion from the register.
  • Execution Entry or Termination:
    • Facilitating the entry of execution or its termination in the register.

Feel free to contact us at any time for advice and representation across all aspects of trademark registration and protection.

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