We will advise you what type of trademark to register (word / logo / combined / or other) and also for which area to register the trademark (national / EU / international). We will help you choose the classes of goods and services that the trademark will protect. Before we prepare and submit a trademark application to the relevant trademark office, we will, upon your request, conduct a search for registered trademarks that may be similar or identical to the trademark you wish to register. We will prepare a trademark application and submit it to the relevant trademark office. We will represent you in the trademark registration proceedings before the competent authority and, in the event of competition objections, we will provide you with legal advice, including the preparation of the necessary documentation.

If your competition wants to start using a mark similar to your trademark, we will prepare and file an opposition to the trademark application to the Industrial Property Office and we will represent you in this proceeding. In the event that someone uses a designation or a registered trademark similar to yours, we will prepare a motion for revocation of the trademark or a motion for invalidity of the trademark to the Industrial Property Office and we will represent you in this proceeding.

If someone infringes on your trademark rights, we will assist you with a claim to legal protection so that this infringement or threat of law is prohibited and the consequences of this interference are removed. If the infringement to your trademark rights has caused you damage, we will enforce the right to compensation for it, including lost profits. If you have suffered non-pecuniary damage, we will represent you in exercising your right to adequate compensation (including monetary compensation).

As a party to intellectual property rights disputes has a duty to be represented by a lawyer (except in certain cases), you can contact us at any time.

As part of our services, we will also provide you with:

  • trademark renewal
  • registration of the transfer or assignment of rights from the trademark application to another applicant or the transfer or assignment of the trademark to another owner
  • entry of the license agreement or entry of its termination in the trademark register
  • entry of the narrowing the list of goods or services of the trademark, amendment to the license agreement, modification in the trademark
  • entry of the lien in the register or its deletion from the register
  • entry of the execution or entry of its termination in the register

We will provide you with advice and representation not only on the national trademark, but also on the European trademark and international trademark.

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