Real Estates

If you are buying or selling an apartment, non-residential space, family house, land or other real estate, we will legally cover the whole process. We will prepare and comment on the reservation contract, the contract on the future agreement and the purchase agreement resp. agreement for the transfer of ownership of an apartment or non-residential space and we will represent you in negotiations with the counterparty and the real estate agency. Thanks to cooperation with a notary, we will provide a notary deposit so that your money is safe.

We will also prepare other real estate contracts for you, in particular a donation contract or a contract for the establishment or cancellation of a lien, a pledge agreement and others. We will represent you in negotiations with the mortgage bank and comment on the draft collateral agreement and the mortgage loan agreement.

In the case of renting an apartment or other real estate, we will draw up or comment on a lease agreement for you and represent you in negotiations with the landlord or tenant.

We will provide you with a comprehensive legal service and representation in the real estate cadastre, including the preparation and submission of a proposal for an entry in the real estate cadastre.

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