Public Procurement

Our law firm offers comprehensive legal services to companies engaging in public procurement processes. Our services cover various aspects of public procurement, including:

  1. Registration Services:
    • Complete service for registration in the list of economic entities, facilitating the application process.
  2. Authorized Person Services:
    • Acting as an authorized person for clients in the registration process in the register of public sector partners.
  3. Legal Advice on Tender Applications:
    • Providing legal advice regarding the tenderer’s application in the public procurement process, including guidance on exercising rights and claims.
  4. Document Preparation for Tenders:
    • Preparation of necessary documents for clients to submit tenders in public procurement processes.
  5. Requests for Explanations:
    • Drafting requests for explanations of tender documents and representing clients in interactions with the public contracting authority.
  6. Representation in Public Procurement Actions:
    • Assistance in individual actions within the public procurement process, including legal advice in contract negotiations.
  7. Representation Before Public Procurement Office and Courts:
    • Representation of clients before the Public Procurement Office and in court in disputes related to public procurement.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal support throughout the public procurement process, ensuring compliance with regulations and safeguarding our clients’ interests. If you have specific inquiries or require assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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