Personal Data Protection

Our office possesses extensive experience in GDPR implementation across diverse business sectors. We offer comprehensive legal advice in the field of personal data protection, including:

  1. Audit and GAP Analysis:
    • Conducting audits and GAP analyses to assess your GDPR compliance status.
  2. Documentation Preparation or Commenting:
    • Preparing or providing comments on necessary documentation, including internal directives, agreements with business partners and customers, labor law documentation, etc.
  3. Drafting or Commenting on General Terms and Conditions:
    • Drafting or providing comments on general terms and conditions and rules of personal data processing (Privacy Policy) for your website.
  4. Drafting or Commenting on Cookie Rules:
    • Preparing or commenting on cookie rules and providing advice on ePrivacy.
  5. Assistance in Setting Up Personal Data Processing:
    • Assisting in setting up personal data processing procedures in accordance with GDPR requirements.
  6. Legal Advice and Support in Data Protection Authority Controls:
    • Offering legal advice and comprehensive support during data protection authority controls, including representation in court if needed.

Our goal is to ensure that your organization complies with GDPR regulations, safeguarding the privacy and data protection rights of individuals. If you have any specific inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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