Labor Law

In the realm of labor law, we offer comprehensive employment advice tailored to both employees and employers. Our services include expertise in the following areas:

  1. Drafting Legal Acts:
    • Assisting with the drafting of legal acts related to the establishment and termination of employment, such as employment contracts, management contracts, agreements on work performed outside of the employment relationship, termination of employment by notice, agreement on termination of employment, immediate termination of employment, termination in the trial period, and more.
  2. Collective Redundancies:
    • Providing advice and guidance on matters related to collective redundancies.
  3. Legal Representation in Court Proceedings:
    • Representing clients in court proceedings associated with labor disputes.
  4. Internal Regulations:
    • Preparation of internal regulations, including Labor Rules and codes of ethics.
  5. Agency Employment and Employee Posting:
    • Offering guidance on agency employment and the posting of employees to user employers.
  6. Data Protection under GDPR:
    • Ensuring compliance with personal data protection laws, including GDPR, in the context of labor law.
  7. Representation Before the Labor Inspectorate:
    • Providing representation in proceedings before the labor inspectorate.
  8. Advice on Work-Related Issues:
    • Advising on matters related to obstacles at work, compensation in labor law, and other relevant issues.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive and tailored legal support in labor law matters, ensuring both employees and employers are well-informed and legally protected in various aspects of employment relationships.

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