Closing the Business

We can assist you in selecting the appropriate method for closing your business. Liquidation is a viable option if the company’s assets exceed its liabilities. Our legal services throughout the liquidation process encompass:

  1. Consultations:
    • Providing guidance and advice on the liquidation process.
  2. Preparation of Documents:
    • Drafting documents for the dissolution of the company and its entry into liquidation, including the submission of a proposal to register the liquidation in the Commercial Register.
  3. Notice and Call for Claims:
    • Drafting a notice of entry into liquidation along with a call for claims in the Commercial Gazette.
  4. Final Report and Distribution Proposal:
    • Preparing the final report of the liquidator on the liquidation process and proposing the distribution of the liquidation balance.
  5. Completion of Liquidation:
    • Preparing documentation to finalize the liquidation, including filing for deletion from the Commercial Register.

In the case of bankruptcy, which is applicable when the company’s liabilities surpass its assets, we offer the following legal services:

  1. Bankruptcy Petition:
    • Assisting the company in filing a petition for bankruptcy proceedings when the company is in a state of bankruptcy.

Cancellation without liquidation is an alternative method to terminate the company’s activity. If you wish to merge multiple smaller businesses into one or split one company into multiple entities, we provide legal services for these scenarios, including the necessary documentation and procedures.

The dissolution of a company by an ex officio court decision may occur based on a proposal or at the initiative of the registry court itself.

Our aim is to offer comprehensive legal support tailored to the specific requirements of your business closure. If you have any questions or need assistance in this area, please feel free to reach out to us.

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