Claims Collection

If you have a debtor who continues to do business, he has no debts on social, health insurance or taxes, then if the receivables are not older than 90 days, we recommend the out-of-court settlement. We will prepare a pre-litigation request under our mandate, which we will send to the debtor. This is usually more relevant than a request you would have prepared yourself without a lawyer. We will warn the debtor that in the event of non-payment of the amount due within the specified period, we will proceed to judicial recovery of the claim.

Judicial recovery has several alternatives, we will help you choose the right one. We will either go to the court in a special accelerated procedure with a reduced court fee or (in more complicated cases) we will file a lawsuit with a motion to issue a payment order. In the most complex cases (especially in cases of damages, where proving is more complicated) we file a classic lawsuit in the relevant court. We will represent you throughout the court proceedings and inform you about its course and individual actions of the court and the debtor.

After successfully reaching a valid and enforceable decision, we will ensure the recovery of your claim through a bailiff and we will represent you in the enforcement (execution) proceedings.

If, given the circumstances of the case, it is also appropriate to proceed in a criminal manner, we will prepare appropriate submissions (especially criminal notices) for law enforcement authorities. In the event that your debtor goes bankrupt or restructured, we will arrange filing your claims to bankruptcy or restructuring and we will represent you in these proceedings.

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