Changes in the Company

In connection with changes in the business company, it is necessary to draft a number of professionally prepared documents. In addition, this legal area is subject to frequent legislative changes and is largely formal (in terms of requiring officially certified signatures, the amount of personal and other data and other mandatory formalities).

We can provide most services online. Thanks to electronic communication with the authorities, we can save on court and administrative fees.

We will provide you with complete legal services related to changes in your business company, in particular:

  • change of business name and registered office
  • change, narrowing and expansion of business activities, cancellation of trade license
  • dismissal, appointment of a statutory or proxy
  • dismissal, appointment of a member of the board of directors or supervisory board
  • resignation of a member of a company body
  • change of data on the person of the director, proxy, shareholder, member of the board of directors, supervisory board
  • transfer of shares
  • increase or decrease of share capital
  • merger, acquisition or division of a company
  • exclusion of a shareholder, cancellation of a shareholder’s participation in the company
  • change of legal form
  • change of ultimate beneficiary owner

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