Branches (organizational units)

The general public is seldom aware of certain nuances concerning the organizational unit. The basic difference between a company and an organizational unit is that the organizational unit is not a legal entity and does not have legal personality. It cannot be a party to a legal relationship, with certain exceptions (e.g. a branch may be an employer). For example, an organizational unit does not have a share capital; all legal acts concerning an organizational unit are performed by the head of the organizational unit or directly by the statutory body of its “parent” company. In relation to the organizational unit to tax regulations, the organizational unit is obliged to register with the relevant tax office and tax its income in accordance with Slovak tax laws.

As part of our services, we will provide you with the following services in particular:

  • establishment of an organizational unit and entry in the Commercial Register
  • changes in the organizational unit (e.g. change of the head of the organizational unit, etc.)
  • cancellation and deletion of the organizational unit from the Commercial register

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