We will draft or comment on any type of civil contract (e.g. purchase agreement, gift agreement, contract for work, mandate agreement, loan agreement, lease agreement, intermediation agreement, inominate agreement, futures agreement agreement, etc.). We will represent you or accompany you and assist you in negotiating the conclusion of the contract.

For our clients, we also address issues such as:

  • protection of the personality and honor of a natural person, protection of the name and reputation of a legal person
  • joint co-ownership, non-share co-ownership of spouses and its settlement
  • lien, encumbrance and pledge
  • liability for damages and its compensation, unjust enrichment and its release
  • liability for defects
  • securing liabilities (contractual penalty, guarantee, lien, debt recognition, etc.)
  • offsetting liabilities, settlement agreement
  • and many more.